Lab Review: Jazzmentals: The EP – Jredlnl (Jared Lanell)


LMG affiliate Jredlnl (Jared Lanell) finally releases his own instrumental project that he entitles “Jazzmentals” featuring Bryant Giles and w3w. If you don’t know who Lanell is, he is a producer of LMG (Local$ Music Group). He works closely with Font$Nation and has been featured on projects from OG Jordan throughout the year.

Now, this project is an exact representation of Jared in so many ways so, you have to kind of know Jared as a person to not just hear this project as a bunch of random beats.  As a person he’s colorful, unique, random and really awkward so it’s not a surprise to me to notice that the project is very much like him.

In all honesty, I only like this project because it’s so different from what Jared usually does. It’s not an all watered down version of someone else’s original piece and it’s not anything to make other artists want to hit him up for work. It’s mostly self expression and I know how hard it can be to really step out of the box while fearing that your efforts will be rejected, so I think Jared made a good move. Being a good producer is about being able to bring other people’s work to life (which he can do with no problem) and expressing yourself in a beat that’s not meant for lyrics.

So, to me, Jared might be one of the rawest mogs yet.

Overall, the project is a really good listen and from the 10 songs on the project I’ve gained a few new favorites. Tracks like “Food For Thought” are probably my favorite types of beats from Jared. It reminds me of a track he produced earlier this year entitled “Dionaea” that was absolutely amazing. Another favorite has to be “Been There, Done That” because it reminds me of Monsters Inc. and it expresses how colorful he can be. A few other decent listens are “Ooh”, “Ninjas in Spain”, or “Mr. Sandman Mistress”. Check out the whole thing below!


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