Lab Review: Call Me Crazy, But… – Sevyn Streeter


First off, if you know me, you should know that I love Sevyn Streeter. After the group that she was in (Rich Girl) broke up, I’ve been waiting for a solo project from her for like 50 million years. Now it’s here! YAY! Sevyn released her first EP December 3rd, “Call Me Crazy, But…”, and it’s safe to say, she didn’t disappoint. Her voice is so awesome to me, and she’s absolutely gorgeous. Don’t act like ya’ll haven’t heard “It Won’t Stop” with Chris Brown. *side eyes*

My favorites from Call Me Crazy, But… are:

  1. Sex on the Ceiling
  2. Come On Over
  3. Call Me Crazy
  4. B.A.N.S.

Dude, the “Sex on the Ceiling” record is so insane to me. *Future’s voice* I’m just being honest. It’s so sensual and appealing; so if you don’t like it, don’t tell me, I’ll get upset. *shakes fist*

“Come On Over” as the opening track, when I first heard it, it made me want to sing and dance instantly. I was like “oooo, kill ’em!” I had my cute bop going on and everything at 8 in the morning. Terrible.

I actually heard “Call Me Crazy” before the EP even released (thanks to Tumblr), and I instantly liked it. I don’t know if it’s a song that everybody would like, haven’t seen too many comments on it, but I feel it’s a cool song.

“B.A.N.S.” is THEE truth. I had to sit with this song for a minute. I had me a “B.A.N.S.” over the summer, dawg. Sh*t was hectic, dawg. I actually should’ve put “B.A.N.S.” as my TOP favorite, because it’s so true, but then I listen to Sex on the Ceiling and forget all about the song.

If you want, you can listen to Sevyn‘s explanation of the entire structure of her EP “Call Me Crazy, But…” here on the radio show The Breakfast Club

Buy Call Me Crazy, But…” EP here on iTunes & Amazon

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